equipment and procedures
SAFETY INFO policy Safety Protocol requirement


Climbing trees with total safety is based on a few very important equipment and procedures but when these techniques are well applied, anything is possible. These techniques can be traced back to mountain exploration in Europe’s Alps where going from summit to summit required a shorter way than going back down and climbing all over again.

The development of mountaineering evolved into climbing trees for recreation. In France alone, where climbing trees is a common activity, there are more than 800 adventure parks. This is why our precedures are based on European standards which are the best for training methods and technology to ensure your safety.

Our parks are officially inspected and certified by France’s authorized certification bodies (SEREC) and adhere to Syndicat National des Exploitants de Parcours Aventure. The training of our staff is also based on Operateur de Parc Acrobatique En Hauteur (OPAH) standards.

Safety policy & condition

Safety Protocal

We provide participants with all the necessary safety equipment to wear while participating in our Adventures
All safety equipments comply with applicable standards and are checked daily. Our inspections are conducted following our Standard Operating Procedures
The safety training is mandatory before the activity.
Insurance and medical assistance will be provided in case of injury or accident and emergency resulting from the activity.
The participant must have is own health insurance to cover health problem not resulting from the activity.


For safety reasons the following requirements apply
7 years old+, 140 cm., maximum 110 kg.
If you are subject to health problems resulting from climbing practice risks (epilepsy, handicap.), please inform the staff or management.
Wear flat shoes or sneakers only, do not wear flip-flop
Without a booking you might not be able to participate
We are open in all weather conditions. Except during thunderstorm and very high winds
No special knowledge or skills are required for enjoying our parks
Wear comfortable clothes and tie back long hair
Please arrive at least 20 min your booking time